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The following is a list of sites I have created or links to material I have authored:

PicoForms is the company I work for. Here I work with creating a MIDP XForms enabled browser for cell phones. It supports phones with very limitied capabilities, e.g. CLDC 1.0/MIDP 2.0.
I created the codebase for an XForms processor and released it under the Mozilla Public License on sourceforge. The code was written while I attempted to make a business out of it. At the moment the code is laying still as I have no time to work on it.
I am and have in many years been a member of the XForms working group in W3C. As a consequence of the time consuming standardization process I created a small site where I could decscribe the extensions in the XForms processors I created for Novell and others.
Wedding SiteWedding site
I was married in 2004 and created a site containing pictures, speeches and gifts.
Mate - online symbolic calculator by Tusanga
This is my friend's, Adam Williams, online symbolic calculator. It is similar to Matlab or Mathematic but webbased which makes it a lot more flexible for sharing.
XForms Second edition
I was a co-author for the XForms 1.0 second edition.