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Picax Web Album

Picax Web AlbumI have created a AJAX library and released it under GPL to be used for publishing Picasa albums on webpages in a simple way. The XML files generated by Picasa is used directly and is attached to the gallery's album tab by adding an entry in another XML file.

I wrote this Picax gallery software for two reasons:

  1. I needed a gallery for my site
  2. I wanted to make a real AJAX application to compare it with XForms/a declarative approach.

Now creating Picax was no problem but even under development I got confused about the element layout because it was created in the script. I kept making the structure in html and then converted that to script. Using a declarative approach I would have been able to directly express the structures and would have made it much simple to extend and maintain the application. For my next project I will redo the Picax in XForms+XHTML and make a real comparison between the two methods.

For now feel free to use the gallery on your site, if you like me, are a user of Picasa and want to publish your pictures on the web.

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